Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hey Hey Corruptachusetts nation I have a special write up for you tonight, I was honored to have met and interviewed San Antonio, Texas death metal band Lacination drummer David Arredondo from my personal facebook page tonight. I had a great time talking with him, and hope that they can come through for our Houston Showcase coming up this 20th, check it out
Greetings from Corruptachusetts \vv/ great to meet yall!
you have a minuet to tell me about your band and a your journey
what was your hardest obstical to over come when Lacination Remains started out, lets start with the hard roads
Well we are actually called LACINATION, and the remains part came in to later...because we have been in existence since 2001 and we have always made it our priority to Remain in the Extreme Death Metal community....the hardest obstacle is staying in tune with each other and making the music that we want to make and not letting no one confirm us into anything that we don't want to do
Lots of hidden hands behind the scenes that try to sway your sound, that is a true testament to your bands strengths
whats the usual reasons why these entities want you to switch up your sound?
I think and I have seen a lot of bands that have gone through changes because of the times and genres have change to make it more suitable, these bands have confirm to the change and for them if it works out, great...but for Lacination we have always been true to our form and we believe in it...
I can dig that all day n nite, the business is very volatile and sometimes change is necessary or needed BUT if your sticking to your guns and doing what u love in the end who can touch that?
Who are your major influences, musically or otherwise that keep your band together and grounded in times of question/doubt
my major influences is so numerous to mention all of them, I have so many people in different genres that have made me a better musician and grow as a artist, naturally I interested in Metal but I have experience in multiple of genres. The keeping the band together and grounded starts within the band and keeping us serious about the music that we give to our listeners, if in doubt we always play it thru and it usually works out
agreed, that is definitely how it goes for bands that keeps to there roots for so long with out allowing outside forces to take away from the bands essence
Im listening now, you guys kick fucking ass!!!!! how often do you guys hit the road and venture out side of home territory
Thanks, we just finish releasing our latest "Continuing" in August and we have been hitting the road all summer to promote it, we just got back from Houston a couple of days ago, and will be right back on the road in October in Harlingen
Thats is awesome \vv/ what album number are you on? and what is the process your band goes through to pick material that goes on albums, are there songs that dont make the cut in the end?
This is our 3rd album...but it has a long time since our last one, this time around we wanted to have 7 songs on it and more intense writing on the latest one, the songs that we feel dont make the cut we pick them apart and try to analyze it and make them work
This is great, Im really enjoying interviewing you, with whom am I speaking with?
and what is your position in the band
I am the drummer
I would like to use this interview for my blog for Corruptachusetts tonight, is that ok with you?
That would be great

All this from accepting a friend request on facebook, I really was blown away by how easy going and forthcoming David was. I hope to see  Lacination on the footage of the Houston Showcase but if not dont fret, we are throwing shows all over U.S.A and opportunities will always be open for these guys, they Flat Out KICK ASS!  Check out there music page on and also on facebook @ I want em for my own showcase, whatta say guys, road trip?